Fusion in North Beach Village

Source: SouthFLorida.com | Author: Maryam Samandari| Published: February 27, 2015

Screen Shot 2016-05-18 at 12.24.43 PMAlthough this three-meals-a-day café made its debut near the beachfront in November, its full menu is still on the way.

“Village Cafe is nestled in the heart of North Beach Village with the intent of attracting a wide variety of patrons,” says food and beverage director Orlando Alvarez, who calls the cuisine multicultural fusion. “Our menu is designed so that every patron is familiar with each food item.”

The café is in North Beach Hotel, the flagship of North Beach Village Resort, which has been preserving the mid-century modern architecture as it transforms a cluster of properties into boutique inns.

Highlights on the introductory menu include Caribbean shrimp in mango curry ($22), filet mignon with mushroom-gorgonzola sauce ($32), Jack Burger with onion rings, house-made Jack Daniel’s sauce and pepper jack cheese ($14) and for breakfast, eggs Benedict ($13).

A modern, trendy ambience contrasts design elements of the 1950s. White tablecloths and umbrellas grace a split-level front patio, with poolside dining to come.

Lunch and cocktail menus are pending, too. A pianist entertains Friday and Saturday nights.