Snorkeling Fort Lauderdale


World Famous Beaches, Reefs & Spectacular Shipwrecks

Fort Lauderdale has been blessed with warm, comfortable waters even in midwinter. Exotic corals, phenomenal fish and worldwide spectators are attracted to our preserved ocean kingdom because of the life-giving warm waters that the Gulf Stream provides, offering absolutely ideal tropical conditions for sustaining and encouraging marine life.

Three old reefs run parallel to the beach, offering everything a snorkeler, SCUBA diver or glass-bottom boater hopes a natural ecosystem sanctuary could be.

Water clarity or visibility is usually marvelously crystal clear but depends upon the weather and seas. PS – South Florida is typically very sunny year-round and seas are often calm. Many coral-encrusted shipwrecks teem with a myriad of aquatic life and are also available for undersea exploring (see below for a short list of wrecks).

Our staff of Village Hosts will assist you in every way possible, whether you’re preparing for a day at the beach or returning from an undersea shipwreck night dive!

Explore Area Shipwrecks –

  1. The Capt. Dan
  2. The Copenhagen
  3. Donald G McAllister
  4. The Guy Harvey
  5. Hog Heaven
  6. Jay Scutti
  7. M/V Tracy/ Ken Vitale Memorial
  8. The Pride & The Moonshot
  9. The Mercedes
  10. The Rebel
  11. The Rodeo 25
  12. Tenneco Towers
  13. Robert Edmister
  14. Wendy Rossheim (Our House III)
  15. Jim Atria
  16. Ebenezer
  17. Dantor
  18. Mercy Jesus
  19. Peter McAllister
  20. Captain Ramone