Join Village Design for an art-filled, public event on February 11, 2017 at 6:00 p.m. Complementary drinks will be served.

Marcella Novotny, an Italian artist, is presenting her latest series “GREEN?” at Village Design.

“GREEN?” – Stefano Bigazzi from LA Republica de Genova:

It is a conceptual paradox, it is an abstraction (…) the language is actual images, it is a tale narrated by images, it is an “Ode to Joy” in negative.

Marcella Novotny passes through.

The characters appear as theatrical representation on the artist’s canvas. It is a “perverted food model that is on scene.” The food explodes between the hands of the character in a super powerful colored rain.

“GREEN?” The world has been turned upside down, Novotny says. The paintings show a healthy eating willingness…but in reality, it is made of toxic materials that surround us.

The toxic resin becomes the paradigm/paradox itself. It enhances the five senses; you can see it, you can touch it. You can smell the stench of the resin and you can also feel the noise of a bitten fruit as a blood explosion.

The artist underlines the “contrast and paradox” by the use of saturated bright colors to reach an intense chromatic shock for the viewer.

Visit Marcella Novotny’s website to view some of her artwork: